Patent Licensing & Exploitation Strategy

It is one thing to have a good portfolio of patents that are extended in all the right markets, but it is something else to have a patent portfolio that is a real asset to a company. Many of patent agents and attorneys might want to recommend having the most patents possible in the most countries; such a recommendation can be a conflicted one. Our firm tries to understand our clients’ technology, its expansion strategy and attempt to provide coherent and implementable “patent road maps” that can maximize shareholder value. As we have practical business experience in many aspects of monetizing technologies viz a viz various business experiences, our approach is not a pure legal one but also considers practical business considerations.

Part of our advice might include recommending that a company obtain (we would consolidate reports and recommendations prepared by the relevant experts in the relevant technologies):

  • Validity searches of their patents and or patent applications.
  • Scope and potential infringer search to see how broad the patent claims are and try to determine if there are any infringers on the market.
  • Technology studies to determine what the patents (or patent applications) could or would add to the state of the art and what type of value that could have.
  • How to best monetize the technology whether it would be through: 
    • Licensing
    • Manufacturing or using the technology
    • Litigation
    • Counseling and assistance with trying to identify: 
      • Potential licensees;
      • Potential partners or manufacturing facilities to exploit the technology in question
      • Potential investors
      • Patent policy and internal trainings

In order to maximize a company’s intellectual properties, we can provide custom-made patent policies to be implemented by staff and partners. Likewise, we offer trainings for companies in order to enable staff to maximize R&D efforts for maximum monetization of the same.

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