Mikhail Gavrikoff, IP Counsel

Mikhail has a stellar background both in terms of his very extensive education and the public posts that he has held with various governmental entities. Mikhail’s education spans an impressive 12 years where he received a full 5-year legal degree and in addition he also received various Mechanical Engineering degrees in a period of 7 years. In terms of Mikhail’s work experience he has worked as a patent examiner in the Russian Patent office and later was appointed in 2005 as the Deputy Head of the Russian Patent office with 700 members of staff under his supervision. Later Mikhail was given the honorary appointment of Senior Program Officer at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in Geneva. Amongst other roles, it was Mikhail’s responsibility to meet with the heads of patent offices from all over the world. In addition to Russian, Mikhail also speaks English, French and some basics of German.